Music has for a long time been a important communication tool, especially when it comes to advertising.

As the digital development, and the change going on in the media industry, we have new possibilities, and music is a more important communication tool than ever. Nine out of the ten most shown youtube clips are music videos. Our strongest target group is where the traditional media today drops – the digitized.

Capitols B2B-department, together with Universals, works with, through our music and artist, create communicative tools for external partners. Music and artists can make financial profit through two primary levels;

Purchase decision and the brands image.

Examples on direct purchases tools:

  • Pressrelease, i.e to release a track through a direct channel before it’s released for the whole market
  • Exclusive products such as signed merchandise, VIP-packages for concerts, meet and greet with artists and so on.

Examples on brand improvement tools:

  • Product placement
  • Endorsement
  • Exclusive content
  • Music synchronization in advertising

This is just a few examples what our B2B-department can provide. All campaigns are unique and we work as any external office – but with focus on music.