Shirley Clamp became one with the Swedish people when she in Melodifestivalen 2004, like a redheaded madcap with a magical voice, left us all breathless in front of our televisions. Through the second chance she swimmingly made it to the final in Globen. Both the people and the jury loved her and she ended up at second place with the song “Min kärlek”. Since then she’s participated in Melodifestivalen several times, touring around Sweden in all kind of different live performances, formats and constellations. And have participated in several television programs, both serious and playful.

The latest year she’s been working hard, and with love, with her own show called “Go’kväll mitt namn är Shirley Clamp”. This is a sing-up-show where she, together with her band, in a disentanglement way mix her favourite songs with quick cues and every-day humour. She reflects over things that have happened, funny things and the contrasts in her life as an artist, cohabitant and mother.






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